wedding guest pictures from the photobooth

Wedding Photography Guest Photobooth

Photo booths are a fun, 'pop up' studio set up at your evening reception for your guest's entertainment and those that want a break from the dance floor!

They provide a great opportunity to capture relaxed portraits of family and friends, your evening arrivals and those that may have missed the formal group photos, giving you a collection of fun images that portray the atmosphere of your evening party.

The Photo booth is available for 90 mins and guests are welcome as individuals, couples or small groups. Props can be supplied to add to the entertainment along with chalk boards so they can leave you personal messages.A photographer is always present to offer encouragement. ☺

Images form part of your final wedding collection and are added to your USB for reprinting, some could even go in your album.

Photobooth can be added to your Wedding booking for £95.